RFC: Konsole profile groups

David Hurka david.hurka at mailbox.org
Sat Jul 31 14:33:24 BST 2021

> > > Is anyone using Konsole profile groups? [...]

> No, "profile groups" are a different concept; from reading the code in
> ProfileGroup.cpp it's like a group of profiles having one parent profile,
> and when you change the settings it can be applied to all the child
> profiles, or to specific ones...

I use profiles to distinguish different windows by background color. I have 
some application menu entries that launch Konsole with a specific command to 
execute, and these windows will use a profile with a different background 
color, so I will know later what this window is good for.

I am not aware of any way to use profile groups, or how to create them. There 
is no such button in “Manage Profiles...”. So I guess, if you remove this 
feature, users will not notice it. :D

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