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Aaron Dewes aaron.dewes at web.de
Fri Dec 25 22:21:43 GMT 2020

Hello everyone!

I'm currently trying to update and maintain the Arora browser
(https://github.com/Arora/arora) that has been deprecated a few years
ago. This browser was a fork of the original Qt webengine demo browser
and I found a few things in the commit history that I find interesting,
and I thought I might be able to find answers here, because some people
here might still remember a bit about this browser (I was less than one
year old at the time of it's initial commit, and at that age, I didn't
even know what a web browser is). If this is not the right place to ask
this, please tell me, I just didn't know where to ask this question:

The original README contained this: Arora is a fork of the Demo Browser
that was shipped with Qt 4.4.0. All new development is no longer going
into the demo browser, but here. Some have critizized the demo browser
for being to large already and should have been kicked out earlier. I'm
interested about the "All new development is no longer going into the
demo browser, but here." part. Does this mean this browser was supported
by Qt or the KDE foundation and officially moved or does this just mean
the original creator just moved all of his new development from the demo
browser to Arora? was especially wondering about the involvement of KDE
because the author of arora also was the author of kaudiocreator and had
more contributions to KDE, so he was involved KDE.

If anyone is interested in this new browser, I have the source code on
https://gitlab.com/EndorphinBrowser (development is currently in the
webengine branch). (I do not recommend using this browser, especially
not the development version, the webengine version is REALLY unstable).

Also, huge thanks to the maintainers and contributors of Falkon browser
for maintaining and updating a some scripts that were part of Arora

And thank you for maintaining this great project! KDE is really amazing.


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