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Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sun Dec 27 13:43:00 GMT 2020

On Friday, 25 December 2020 19:21:43 -03 Aaron Dewes wrote:
> The original README contained this: Arora is a fork of the Demo Browser
> that was shipped with Qt 4.4.0. All new development is no longer going
> into the demo browser, but here. Some have critizized the demo browser
> for being to large already and should have been kicked out earlier. I'm
> interested about the "All new development is no longer going into the
> demo browser, but here." part. Does this mean this browser was supported
> by Qt or the KDE foundation and officially moved or does this just mean
> the original creator just moved all of his new development from the demo
> browser to Arora? was especially wondering about the involvement of KDE
> because the author of arora also was the author of kaudiocreator and had
> more contributions to KDE, so he was involved KDE.

Hello Aaron

Thank you for the interest!

The above is essentially is correct. The author of the browser is the author 
of the demo browser. At the time, he was working for Trolltech in Oslo (at the 
same time as I was there) and he was just having too much fun with the demo 
browser. That's when we decided that he shouldn't add more things to the demo 
browser, since it would make the thing grow in size and complexity, taking it 
definitely beyond what a demo should be. We made the decision that he could 
continue exploring the full application in a separate repository, outside of 
the Qt source code.

Trolltech did use to hire talented developers from the KDE community, which is 
how quite a few of us ended up there, like Matthias Ettrich (KDE's founder), 
Lars Knoll (khtml's original author), Simon Hausmann, Roberto Raggi and Harald 
Fernengel (from KDevelop), Thomas Zander (KOffice), Zack Rusin, etc.

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