github pull requests are piling up

Nate Graham pointedstick at
Wed Dec 30 15:31:51 GMT 2020

On 12/29/20 11:55 AM, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El dijous, 24 de desembre de 2020, a les 11:02:16 CET, Albert Astals Cid va escriure:
>> We're at 52 at this point
>> Sadly my bot broke and fixing it is not possible for me in the time i can dedicate to it (it's written in go which I'm not very proficient at and it seems that there have been github and google appengine API changes).
>> If someone wants to try to look at it together with me ping me and we can have a look, if not i'll shut it down at some point, it's costing me like 0,01€ a month that is kind of unjustifiable given that it does nothing :D
>> Bot code is at
> Ok, Shantanu seems to have fixed it :)

Very nice! Good to see an automated solution to the problem.


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