KDE Plasma LTS for Debian stable

peylight peylight at riseup.net
Thu Dec 10 18:59:37 GMT 2020

Hi Dear KDE Developers,
On Debian OS, KDE Plasma is one of popular Desktop, so we hope to help 
us if you can.
There are some issues to maintain and develop KDE packages on Debian, 
Actually the structure of Debian package manager make it Debian more 
stable but not update.(What is that?)
I'm talking about freeze packages timeline and policy. You can read more 
about it for Debian Buster for example:
For summary, all of packages in Debian repository will be freeze and no 
big update or disruptive change for stable release of Debian. So we have 
no big update (for example KDE Plasma v5.14 to v5.15) for KDE Desktop 
until the next stable release (after 2 years).
The requested from me is matching LTS version of KDE Plasma with the 
Debian stable. So we have minor updates and bug fixes.
Maybe you think it is not related to KDE Plasma, but actually Debian 
developers should know about your next LTS version to decide to focus on 
the edge of KDE Plasma LTS version.
I check your schedules versioning page, but i can't see the next LTS 
version is which on:
I make the same subject in the debian-kde mailing list, you can follow it:
The next Debian stable is arriving to the repository freeze timeline soon:

Best Regards,

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