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Tue Sep 27 23:19:41 CEST 2005

Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Hi all, 
> in the last time there were some exiting and faster alternatives to the KDE on 
> cygwin port in using colinux ( and xming 
> ( the win32 based X-Server. Because they 
> provide are much easier way to run KDE application on windows, I thought 
> about the sense of the KDE on cygwin port, especially because a native KDE 4 
> port to windows is not far away. The result of this thoughs are that I will 
> stop further development of the kde-cygwin port because of: 
> - a side effect of the the ongoing transition to KDE 4 is that the releases 
> kde svn is partial unstable  (for example the autotool build system), which 
> require much more work to fix, I unfortunally don't have. 
> - there are trademark issues (initiated by trolltech) about the gpl'ed native 
> qt3-port, which makes further development for me personally somewhat 
> unsecure. (I hope that  this effects noone other working on the native qt3 
> port) 
> - The required time of porting and supporting the KDE on cygwin port may be 
> better used helping the KDE 4 windows port. 
> As summary I think that KDE on cygwin and the native gpl'ed qt3 port had 
> opened a wide door for getting a native KDE 4 on windows. But as anything in 
> this limited world has it's live time, KDE on cygwin' live time seems to be 
> over. 
> I like to thank all who had contributed to this project and worked hard to 
> make it possible. Everytime I think about what was reached, i'm very 
> impressed how the open source movement works.  
> -- Keep up the good work. 
> Ralf 

Ralf, et al,

Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Really, I just want to add that 
  note of appreciation to you and all those who helped bring this 
project along. A project which made it possible to port other apps like 
Scribus over so those stuck with windows could benefit.

Note that the opportunity to create a recipe for runing Scribus on win32 
would not have happened if it hadn't been for all your help, and the 
help of others on this list. The popularity of this recipe for Scribus 
on Win32 stands as a testimony to what the members of this list were 
able to help happen:

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    4. 1.3.x_Roadmap (5982 views)

So again, thank you thank you thank you to all who helped make 
KDE/Cygwin possible. In doing so you made much more opportunities than 
just running KDE in itself.

Sincere and highest regards,

Steven Boothe

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