note on further KDE on cygwin development

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Thu Sep 22 23:53:15 CEST 2005

Hi all, 

in the last time there were some exiting and faster alternatives to the KDE on 
cygwin port in using colinux ( and xming 
( the win32 based X-Server. Because they 
provide are much easier way to run KDE application on windows, I thought 
about the sense of the KDE on cygwin port, especially because a native KDE 4 
port to windows is not far away. The result of this thoughs are that I will 
stop further development of the kde-cygwin port because of: 

- a side effect of the the ongoing transition to KDE 4 is that the releases 
kde svn is partial unstable  (for example the autotool build system), which 
require much more work to fix, I unfortunally don't have. 

- there are trademark issues (initiated by trolltech) about the gpl'ed native 
qt3-port, which makes further development for me personally somewhat 
unsecure. (I hope that  this effects noone other working on the native qt3 

- The required time of porting and supporting the KDE on cygwin port may be 
better used helping the KDE 4 windows port. 

As summary I think that KDE on cygwin and the native gpl'ed qt3 port had 
opened a wide door for getting a native KDE 4 on windows. But as anything in 
this limited world has it's live time, KDE on cygwin' live time seems to be 

I like to thank all who had contributed to this project and worked hard to 
make it possible. Everytime I think about what was reached, i'm very 
impressed how the open source movement works.  

-- Keep up the good work. 


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