Compiling postgresql plugin win32

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at
Sun Jan 30 16:41:04 CET 2005

AgarFu wrote:
> Hi I've compile postgresql sql plugin against postgresql8.0.0 using MinGW
> If you want to do it you have to download postgresql 8.0.0 src, and msys, compile posrgresql libpq.a.
> The easyest way is to build psql, yo just have to do ./configure --without-zlib and then go to psql source dir
> and then make.
> When it finish copy libpq.a to <mingw path>\lib\ then, apply the patches and qmake, mingw32-make
> qmake -o Makefile "INCLUDEPATH+=C:\<PostgreSQL-src>\src\include \
>  C:\<PostgreSQL-src>\src\include\port\win32  \
>  C:\<PostgreSQL-src>\src\interfaces\libpq"
> mingw32-make
> I've done the patches looking at ODBC plugin that works perfect but there are some things tha't I don't understand.
> The patches are far to be perfect, they are in the state "Them work for me TM".
> Can any body explain to me where are declarations of this methods?
> QPSQLDriver::win32_open(db, user, password, host, port)
> QPSQLDriver::open(db, user, password, host, port)
> QPSQLDriver::win32_open(db, user, password, host, port,  connOpts)
> QPSQLDriver::open(db, user, password, host, port, connOpts)

Are you sure that it's necessary to change theses files? All platform
specific stuff is in a *_x11.cpp file which must be ported to a *_win.cpp
by us, but there isn't a _x11 file!

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