Compiling postgresql plugin win32

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at
Sun Jan 30 16:34:23 CET 2005

AgarFu wrote:
> El Domingo, 30 de Enero de 2005 14:46, Peter Kümmel escribió:
>>AgarFu wrote:
>> > Can any body explain to me where are declarations of this methods?
>> >
>> > QPSQLDriver::win32_open(db, user, password, host, port)
>> > QPSQLDriver::open(db, user, password, host, port)
>> > QPSQLDriver::win32_open(db, user, password, host, port,  connOpts)
>> > QPSQLDriver::open(db, user, password, host, port, connOpts)
>>Are your src/sql/drivers/psql files up to date?
> yes, they are.
>>And I can't find nowhere a win32_open function?
> That's the problem, I'm not crazy, but... there are some very extrange issues 
> with the driver, for instance, if you add the declaration of win32_open at .h 
> and then go to .cpp file an add a new method with that name, the compiler 
> dumps that you are redeclaring that method, and the first declaration is at 
> the line with
> QPSQLDriver::open (x, y, z, ...)
> this is amazin, I know, but ... I don't know, maybe I have to sleep a little 
> bit more.

I've no problem with adding a win32_open function. Could you post your
qsql_psql.cpp and .h files (I think it can't be a big problem).

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