Compiling postgresql plugin win32

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at
Mon Jan 31 22:41:48 CET 2005

AgarFu wrote:
 > El Lunes, 31 de Enero de 2005 13:34, escribió:
 > I get it!!!!
 > look at postgresql port.h ...
 >     177 /* open() replacement to allow delete of held files */
 >     178 #ifndef WIN32_CLIENT_ONLY
 >     179 extern int  win32_open(const char *, int,...);
 >     180
 >     181 #define     open(a,b,...)  win32_open(a,b,##__VA_ARGS__)     <------------------------ ARGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!
 >     182 #endif
 > I'll try to define WIN32_CLIENT_ONLY and see what happen.
 > If you add a single line some where before the postgresql includes like
 > #define WIN32_CLIENT_ONLY
 > Everything goes right, I thought that I  was crazy. Thx and sorry.

We have now to think about where to add this macro or if we have to #undef it.
WIN32_CLIENT_ONLY sounds like that if you define it you can only access with
win clients the database. Is that not a big restriction?

Editing original Trolltech or Postgre files is no good solution,
so I've defined it in qwindowdefs_win.h which is a kde-cygwin controlled file.

Maybe this a patch for posrgre. In
WIN32_CLIENT_ONLY is defined only for msvc and borland compilers
#if	defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__BORLANDC__)
there should also the case || defined(__MINGW32__)
or do they not support mingw?

Best Regards,

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