Building PyQt against Qt Free for Windows 3.x

AgarFu heaven at
Thu Jan 27 11:51:27 CET 2005

El Lunes, 24 de Enero de 2005 16:46, James Lamanna escribió:
> I've written a small article about building PyQt against the Qt/Win
> Free distribution.
> You can find it at:

thx a lot.

> It includes some patches to get the current GPL versions of SIP and
> PyQt to build against the Qt/Win Free.
> Thanks.

I read your article and built Qt/Win, sip and PyQt using mingw. I put in a 
auto-expandible zip file, this file is an early alpha version of a installer, 
but it's something. You can get it at and if you don't 
speak spanish here is the link to the file:

Thx to ideónica - Ideas Electrónicas to give me a remote account in one of 
their machines to build the package.

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