Building PyQt against Qt Free for Windows 3.x

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Mon Jan 24 23:44:00 CET 2005

On Monday 24 January 2005 17:46, James Lamanna wrote:
> I've written a small article about building PyQt against the Qt/Win
> Free distribution.
> You can find it at:
Nice to hear. The more application are using the free edition, the better. :-) 
I will add a link about your work in the qt3-win32 package 

Regarding to your dll naming problem, I have a question: How do you link to 
the qt dll ? The problem you described only occurs if you link directly 
against the dll. By default linking goes by using the relating import library 
qt-mt3.lib for threaded or qt3.lib for non threaded versions. 

Downgrading the full release name 333 to 3 could be done with a specific 
config options discussed in this mailing list on

BTW: There seems to be a little spelling error on your page. 

...  I suspect most people will not have this problem because at some 
point !!!by!!! .NET install became horribly broken.


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