qt3 msvc.net binary package snapshot

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Thu Jan 13 10:45:36 CET 2005

> "Cannot open 'Files\qt-win-free-msvc.net-3.3.3\bin\linguist.exe"'."
> That error reminds me that I had a similar error with an other program I
> compiled. I think there is a problem in the way that the command line is
> proceeded when there are spaces. Here argv[ 0 ] should be "C:\Program
> Files\qt-win-free-msvc.net-3.3.3\bin\linguist.exe", and I think that it is
> in argv[ 0 ] = "C:\Program" and argv[ 1 ] =
> "Files\qt-win-free-msvc.net-3.3.3\bin\linguist.exe".
That's curious since I checked in a patch to solve this ... maybe Ralf
didn't used the latest qapplication_win.cpp?
> Then I tried to compile a project I am working on. I get errors saying
> that a std::string could not be converted in a QString. I think it is due
> the definition of QT_NO_STL somewhere and so the following constructor in
> qstring.h:
> #ifndef QT_NO_STL
>     QString( const std::string& );                   // deep copy
> #endif
> is not defined.
> I didn't get this error with my previous try with the CVS release 1 month
> ago.
I think this is due configure.exe doesn't handle params like '-stl',
-no-stl, ... correct. I've a patch for configure which also adds some more
functionality (setting directory paths now works, -qt-xxx, -plugin-xxx and
-no-xxx are now handled correctly for styles, imageformats and sql-drivers
and more).


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