[PATCH] Build improvements for msvc.net

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Tue Sep 28 13:40:06 CEST 2004

> yes it is up-to-date, as much as anonymous cvs at SF lets.
> Pehaps you fixed something and forgot about it or you simply 
> did make clean between builds. Between everybuild I use a 
> wincvs tcl macro to remove every file that is not in CVS, 
> thus ensuring it's like I've just checked out and applied my changes
> =)
> The problem was that it was unable to find some private 
> header. If you either build it again with the includes in the 
> $(QTDIR)\includes or with that file in 
> $(QTDIR)\misc\link_includes\private it would work, but not to 
> someone doing a clean checkout.
> I simplified it as much as it was possible. I removed it 
> because link_includes doesn't need it, that's the reason :)
> Btw, again, could someone please remove the $(QTDIR)\doc\man 
> folder from CVS?!? It really slows down my cvs update :( The 
> problem is that it either has symlinks or files whose names 
> only differ in the caps ( Qtblahblah and qtblahblah sort of 
> thing ) and under windows you don't have that distinction, 
> thus cvs keeps saying something is in the way no matter what 
> you do: cvs update: move away doc/man/man3/qpopupmenu.3qt; it 
> is in the way C doc/man/man3/qpopupmenu.3qt

I applied your patches. I also fixed the problem with the conflicting files.


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