[PATCH] Build improvements for msvc.net

Thiago A. Corrêa thiagoacorrea at uol.com.br
Tue Sep 28 13:09:12 CEST 2004

yes it is up-to-date, as much as anonymous cvs at SF lets.

Pehaps you fixed something and forgot about it or you simply did make clean
between builds.
Between everybuild I use a wincvs tcl macro to remove every file that is not
in CVS, thus ensuring it's like I've just checked out and applied my changes

The problem was that it was unable to find some private header. If you
either build it again with the includes in the $(QTDIR)\includes or with
that file in $(QTDIR)\misc\link_includes\private it would work, but not to
someone doing a clean checkout.

I simplified it as much as it was possible. I removed it because
link_includes doesn't need it, that's the reason :)

Btw, again, could someone please remove the $(QTDIR)\doc\man folder from
CVS?!? It really slows down my cvs update :(
The problem is that it either has symlinks or files whose names only differ
in the caps ( Qtblahblah and qtblahblah sort of thing ) and under windows
you don't have that distinction, thus cvs keeps saying something is in the
way no matter what you do:
cvs update: move away doc/man/man3/qpopupmenu.3qt; it is in the way
C doc/man/man3/qpopupmenu.3qt

Best regards,
   Thiago A. Corrêa

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> Hi,
>   Made a few build improvements ( and at least for msvc.net
> on QT_WIN32_3_3_BRANCH it was a compile fix as well ).
> Sumary of changes:
> - Changed configure.bat to build a %MAKEFILE% variable, it's
> necessary since msvc.net uses the makefile for the VC++ 6.
> - Reduced the number of files in the link_includes.pro to the
> min "buildable" set. One of the removed ones were
> qlibrary*.cpp, which wasn't letting it build anyway since it
> was missing stuff in the private folder ;)  Along with that
> change, I regenerated all the Makefiles ( makefiles.patch )
> and hand edited them, should all be working, but I really
> only tested out the msvc.

I don't see any changes regarding qlibrary*.cpp but I do see you've removed
qdatastream.cpp from the build process. Any reason? As for the compile fix I
have been building msvc.net from the QT_WIN32_3_3_BRANCH with no problems
for a few days now. Is your CVS checkout up-to-date?


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