3_3 branch link problem with mingw

Ivan de Jesus Deras ivan_deras at yahoo.es
Mon Nov 8 20:35:13 CET 2004

GetCharacterPlacement doesn't work for Unicode on
Windows 9x, so we need to implement it in order to
support W9x, here are some links from MSDN:


Although we can the Microsoft layer for Unicode to
support Windows 9x, but i'm don't know if the MSLU
support GetGlypIndices or GetCharacterPlacementW, so
someone else needs to do a little research about that
(Actually i'm very busy, i can't promise to do it, but
i'll try).  Use of MSLU would be good because we can
avoid use of QT_WA or things like that, and use only
xxxW functions.

What do you think???

--- Chris January <chris at atomice.net> escribió: 
> > > > Maybe we should load GetGlyphIndices
> dynamically on 
> > startup to avoid 
> > > > this link errors? I'm doning this on some
> other places too 
> > > > (QApp:transparency).
> > > What alternative would we use for non-Win2k
> systems?
> > 
> > Transparency simply won't work with win9x which is
> the same 
> > like the original Qt from TT. But for
> GetGlyphIndices there 
> > is no solution for win9x.
> > Network support is for winsock 1.1 alltough
> current 
> > initalisation requires
> > 2.2 or above.
> > I simply would say we don't support win9x for
> now...
> But Qt works on even Windows 95 so there must be
> some alternative to
> GetGlyhIndices we could use. I don't mind if we
> depend on Winsock 2 but it
> would be nice if we could get the font stuff to work
> on Windows 9x as well.
> A quick look through the Platform SDK shows up
> GetCharacterPlacement as a
> possible alternative for GetGlyphIndices on these
> platforms.
> Chris
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