3_3 branch link problem with mingw

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Mon Nov 8 11:46:44 CET 2004

> > > Maybe we should load GetGlyphIndices dynamically on 
> startup to avoid 
> > > this link errors? I'm doning this on some other places too 
> > > (QApp:transparency).
> > What alternative would we use for non-Win2k systems?
> Transparency simply won't work with win9x which is the same 
> like the original Qt from TT. But for GetGlyphIndices there 
> is no solution for win9x.
> Network support is for winsock 1.1 alltough current 
> initalisation requires
> 2.2 or above.
> I simply would say we don't support win9x for now...

But Qt works on even Windows 95 so there must be some alternative to
GetGlyhIndices we could use. I don't mind if we depend on Winsock 2 but it
would be nice if we could get the font stuff to work on Windows 9x as well.
A quick look through the Platform SDK shows up GetCharacterPlacement as a
possible alternative for GetGlyphIndices on these platforms.


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