QT/WIN32: VC Patches

Thiago A. Corrêa thiagoacorrea at uol.com.br
Mon Apr 26 03:12:53 CEST 2004

Ralf, you are looking at the wrong place *smile*

it's not in CVS, it's in the files.

Qt port is not the primary concern of the project (Wolfpack), so I didn't
want to polute CVS ;)

> 3. qthread_win.cpp  -
>  How much is this complete. How stable is this implementation ?

Works great with Wolfpack. Used ZThread to figure out the implementation for
some of it, it was great since ZThread supports both win32 and pthreads I
could check the win32 counterpart of the calls to pthread. The Thread
Specific Storage was very easy to pick up from MSDN directly, but that stuff
I never tested.

> 4. qsocketdevice_win.cpp -
> question like above: How much is this complete. How stable is this
> implementation ?

Wolfpack uses non-blocking TCP, and it works great. Also works good with
blocking TCP. Never tried out with UDP. Also, new Qt has IPv6 support, but I
couldn't figure out, so the newer qt-win-free packages in Wolfpack doesn't
have anything related to IPv6.

> Additional: Would it not be easier to add #define E... WSAE... at the >
beginning of the file and to leave the E message in the source, which makes
> it easier to compare the implementation with the unix one.?

Maybe, but at the time it was a way lot easier to just WSA things the
compiler couldn't figure out ;)

> 6. The qfontengine_win.cpp implementation isn't complete. I assume have
> make a msvc compilable qt version without gui functionality.

That's right. Wolfpack's port for all of the GUI stuff is just like that,
empty functions.

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