QT/WIN32: VC Patches

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Sun Apr 25 20:35:21 CEST 2004

On Saturday 24 April 2004 23:43, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> On Saturday 24 April 2004 23:04, Peter Kuemmel wrote:
> > Hello,
> > the patches are
> > - the diff file
> > - the files I've added (I'm not familary with diff)
> >    (too much for the mailing list 100kB, the email came back)
> If a message is too big it will be redirected to the mailing list admin
> (me), who can lead this through. the mail with the QT VC Patches III will
> be available on the list in short.
> > I'm not sure if gcc will work with this patches (maybe I've destroyed
> > someone others work).
> >
> > To compile the headers must be in the /inlude directory, the links
> > generated by "make -f Makefile.cvs" don't work with vc: copy all *.h to
> > /include and then move all *_p.h to /private.
> > The most changes of existing code I've #ifdef ed with the MSC macro.
> > Qt  compiles without an without the UNICODE macro; when UNICODE is
> > enabled the text is gone (textirs), maybe my typecasts are too stupid.
> > All these casts are marked with #if defined (MSC) && (UNICODE).
> >
> > I have to say, that come code is from the Wolfpack Emu project,
> > http://sourceforge.net/projects/wpdev/.
> > Their gui-less port compiles with the command line tools of ms.

Can you explain which code you have taken from this project ? The easist would 
be submit a link to the used dir/files based on 

> > My setup is Win2k and Visual c++ 6 Sp6.
> >
> > Compiling with the free as beer Toolkit leads to some template related
> > errors.
> I will take a look on your patches in the next time and how to incoporate
> them into the cvs. Thanks for you efforts.

After taking a deeper look I recognized three topics: 

1. cygwin related replacements like qsocketdevice_win.cpp 
2. unicode related changes 
3. msvc related changes

for each topic I have some notes rsp questions: 

1. QT defines some already defined macros for os an compilers. For Vc you 
should use Q_CC_MSVC instead of MSC (this is an information for further 

2. I've seen some unicode relating fixes. There are already defined macros, 
which may help you. The are named QT_WA and QT_WA_INLINE and are designed to 
switch between unicode and nonunicode code on runtime.

#if defined(UNICODE)
#define QT_WA( uni, ansi ) if ( qt_winunicode ) { uni } else { ansi }
#define QT_WA_INLINE( uni, ansi ) ( qt_winunicode ? uni : ansi )

One question: Are the unicode patches complete ? 

3. qthread_win.cpp  -
 How much is this complete. How stable is this implementation ? 

4. qsocketdevice_win.cpp - 
question like above: How much is this complete. How stable is this 
implementation ? 
Additional: Would it not be easier to add #define E... WSAE... at the 
beginning of the file and to leave the E message in the source, which makes 
it easier to compare the implementation with the unix one.? 

5. I found some qt3.2 related os specific files. Does this mean that your port 
is based on the QT_WIN32_3_2_BRANCH ? 
You have answered this in another email in an manner, that you are using 
qt3.3.1 from ??? 
6. The qfontengine_win.cpp implementation isn't complete. I assume have you 
make a msvc compilable qt version without gui functionality. 

Resume: As you have stated in another email is you patch more a "proof of 
design" and not complete. (That doesn't matter, important is that there are 
some steps in this direction). Because there are some more actions required 
to release a real msvc port, I suggest to concentrate on the non gui porting 
efforts yet.  Fortunally I have a vc license, so I can check and improve this 
build from time to time to see what goes wrong. Because one of the goals of 
the native qt port is to support a mingw based build system, supporting a 
msvc build system too seems to me not to be very much complicated. 


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