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Thu Apr 15 22:27:33 CEST 2004

Actually, your postings have been the most interesting and potentially helpful of anything else I've read here. You have a great tenacity and patience, obviously more than me. This is a very good experiment, but I naively thought things were more stable than they are. This has been a learning experience for me, but I think my learning is headed in another direction. Your detailed posts ARE an important contribution, even if that is all you have time for. Each person must contribute however they can. Who is to say which effort is most important? The best information always comes from the mailing lists...

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From: "Alvyn Liang" 
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 19:46:10 +0100 
To: "For developers interested in porting KDE to Windows using Cygwin" 
Subject: Re: install impossible! 

> I succesfully installed a full KDE / QT3 package following the direction of the threads and Ralf's comments. 
> Here I quote my experience. 
> First you have to follow the page to finish the installation of KDE in cygwin. Choose the 
> current package is enough. Download the contents before you install them. Full package will take you more time to download the whole 
> thing. You are encouraged to constantly check setup.log /setup.log.full under the cygwin download folder. If there is anything 
> happened to be lost. Follow the page , click on the kde-cygwin download area to 
> there you will be able to find the missing links. Download the missing part to your download folder. Once you are sure all the parts 
> are completed you can start to install. 
> Second step is to install QT3 through, click on Compiling to access 
> Again, follow the pace of this page to install QT3. You should be fine. 
> If you want the support of OpenGL please have a look at this thread .. 
> Knock off what is not required on the file and configure. 
> But I think if you had followed the QT3 page of installation just tune the 9th point 
> echo yes | ./configure -platform cygwin-g++ -fast -plugin-imgfmt-mng -thread -no-stl \ 
> -qt-zlib -qt-gif -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -qt-libmng -no-g++-exceptions -no-xft -no-xkb \ 
> -disable-opengl -prefix /opt/qt/3.2 
> to 
> echo yes | ./configure -platform cygwin-g++ -fast -plugin-imgfmt-mng -thread -no-stl \ 
> -qt-zlib -qt-gif -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -qt-libmng -no-g++-exceptions -no-xft -no-xkb \ 
> -prefix /opt/qt/3.2 
> It will work then.... 
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> wish this can help some of you... 
> //////////////////////////////////////////// 
> It's fair to say maintaing this list is not quite easy especially if you have your won work to do. This is why all the GNU websites 
> requires more hands to help on the documentation and forum maintaining. But, unfrotunately not all ppl can be qualified to do this 
> kind of work. Last two weeks, I followed some of the threads on this list and thought about many questions to ask myself. Such as 
> "Have I done enough to access this list, at least to boost the knowledge of myself.", "Was there any answer already there for 
> reference." Finally I fixed many problems myself, by trial and error. 
> After all the effort myself, I was thinking to help the list, but I don't think I have much time to donate at the moment, because I 
> am doing a PhD research and my course is nearly end. Personally I am very appreciated that Ralf and many others has worked on Free 
> Software Foundation for all of us. 
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> > 
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> > > On Wednesday 14 April 2004 04:32, Robin Fairey wrote: 
> > > > I'm attempting to install KDE for my copy of cygwin - the windows installer 
> > > > is not available, the cygwin netinstaller fails half way through 
> > > downloading, 
> > > 
> > > If the download breaks while downloading a kde or qt package, this should be 
> > > fixed now. There was a performance problem with the used sourceforge mirror 
> > > (, now we have switched over to, which goes 
> > > much faster. 
> > > 
> > > > and the first wget in the manual unpack instrucions gets a 
> > > > refusal of connection. 
> > > 
> > > We can't help you, if you don't provide more informations. 
> > > 
> > > > I am running winXP, and cygwin on its own works just fine. 
> > > > 
> > > > How can I proceed!??! 
> > > 
> > > Ralf 
> > 
> > You know, I'm no longer able to resist commenting...For the last couple of months I've been following this list, hoping to 
> learn from the example of others, because I frankly have little experience with cygwin, and none with KDE. I originally installed 
> cygwin alone, then became intrigued with the IDEA of KDE-cygwin, and attempted a fuller install from your site. The KDE portion has 
> never worked and my problems have mirrored those of other writers making inquiries to the list. I have tried reinstalling numerous 
> times, as well as attempting some of the "fixes" you have suggested to others. Each attempt has led to frustrating failure. But now 
> I think I've come up with a solution. 
> > The idea that I have just begun to grasp is this: KDE-cygwin is just a poor attempt to emulate Linux in the Windows 
> environment, so why not just install Linux? Of course, for the time being it will have to be dual-boot, but at least I'll actually 
> have access to some of the things I want to work with. I know that no one charged me for KDE-cygwin's use, so in that sense I got my 
> money's worth. What I can't afford is all the time I've spent "beating a dead horse". 
> > One last thing, Ralf. You need to work on your technique of "support". As a former tech support person myself, I know that it 
> doesn't help to begin the conversation with, "What did you do to cause this problem?" Relax and listen, don't be defensive, and 
> maybe you'll get a sense of what is wrong. Well, it's been an experience... 
> > Harold Marshall 
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