problem with kdevelop new project

David Strozzi dstrozzi at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 15 19:58:09 CEST 2004


I'm using a very recent cygwin/kde3/kdevelop installation, and found a
problem with making a new project.  When you try to make a new project,
say a C project, Kdevelop runs the perl script


The header line is

#!perl -I/var/[some dir...]//opt/kde3/share/apps/kdevappwizard/template-common/

perl exits with exit status 2, says it can't find, which is in
the template-common dir.

I replaced the header line with

#!perl -I/var/[some dir...]/ -I/opt/kde3/share/apps/kdevappwizard/template-common/

And everything works.

Thought you should know.

Doing my part for free software.

David Strozzi

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