QT3 help offer

Holger Schroeder holger-kde at holgis.net
Mon Sep 29 13:44:50 CEST 2003

On Sunday 28 September 2003 07:33, Hans Kieserman wrote:
> What's the best way to find out what work is left for QT3-win32, and if any
> can be shared?  (Ivan, have you finished everything already? : ))
> i.e. which of the following:
> 1) grep for TODO in *_win.[h|cpp] (seems to be some work completed already
> for some of the TODO statements) 2) project doesn't have a task list on SF,
> and no QT3 bugs in bug tracker 3) is the BUGS.cygwin file in CVS up to
> date?
> 4) testing tutorials and looking for bugs?
> 5) ask ivan?
> please let me know
> Thanks,
> Hans


the stuff that remains to be done is mostly not depending on something else in 
qt, so the best way to start is to take an actual cvs checkout, and try to 
compile it and try to run programs with it, and then you see, which stuff 
remains to be done.

this was exactly how i started with it. judging from the version i presented 
to some people at the nove hrady conference, there were still some drawing 
errors, which could be fixed. for example try to run the cannonball game from 
examples/t14. you will see that the erasing function has an "off-by-1" error, 
it doesn't erase the same coordinates as it draws. you can see this when the 
cannonball is moving, also the sliders still had the problem.

so most of the stuff is quite simple once you got the big picture.

if i didn't loose track of the people working on it, it is mainly ivan right 
now, so you should only coordiate with him, so that you don't duplicate work.

hth, Holger

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