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IVAN DE JESUS DERAS TABORA ivan_deras at yahoo.es
Mon Sep 29 01:55:48 CEST 2003

 --- Hans Kieserman <hkieserman at mail.com> escribió: > 
> What's the best way to find out what work is left
> for QT3-win32, and if any can be shared?  (Ivan,
> have you finished everything already? : ))
No, but for the things are so good now, soon i'll
publish some screenshot of my recently modifications. 
Things that i was working hard is:
1. Hunting memory leaks and GDI leaks. (i was found
some of then, mostly GDI leaks, but not all :-( )
2. Bitmaps work (almost complete, TODO
3. Painting issues (almost all are solved)
But there are things like DnD, that need some work!!!

> i.e. which of the following:
> 1) grep for TODO in *_win.[h|cpp] (seems to be some
> work completed already for some of the TODO
> statements)
> 2) project doesn't have a task list on SF, and no
> QT3 bugs in bug tracker
> 3) is the BUGS.cygwin file in CVS up to date?
> 4) testing tutorials and looking for bugs?
This is a good start point!!!
> 5) ask ivan?
Yep, some weeks ago i was working a little slow, but
recently i was restared the work, and i will be more
active in this project, so don't dude to ask me!!!
> please let me know
> Thanks,
> Hans
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