Fwd: [Kde-cygwin-cvs] QT3 Win32 Port... Menu Bar working, well almost!!!!

Andy Goossens andygoossens at pandora.be
Sun Jul 20 23:54:11 CEST 2003

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Subject: [Kde-cygwin-cvs] QT3 Win32 Port... Menu Bar working, well almost!!!!
Date: Sunday 20 July 2003 22:38
From: IVAN DE JESUS DERAS TABORA <ivan_deras at yahoo.es>
To: kde-cygwin--cvs at lists.sourceforge.net

I was working to get menu bar working in QT3 Win32,
before digging in the source i encounter that the
problem was the qt_erase_rect and qt_erase_region,
because the paint event call qt_erase_rect( sometimes
), and then we have a problem here because qt_erase_*
call InvalidateRect(from WinAPI) which generate a
WM_PAINT event which generates a paintEvent in QT, and
then we have an infinite loop here, i was changed this
and the the Menu appear but with a little offset ... I
will continue working on this issue because there are
paint problems with the menu bar.
Another thing i want to ask: if i want to make a patch
what i need to do, need to do a make clean???

PD:  I could submit a screenshot if someone want, but
i need to know where to send it ...


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