[Kde-cygwin-cvs] QT3 Win32 Port... Menu Bar working, wellalmost!!!!

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at home.se
Mon Jul 21 05:08:54 CEST 2003


> I was working to get menu bar working in QT3 Win32,
> before digging in the source i encounter that the
> problem was the qt_erase_rect and qt_erase_region,
> because the paint event call qt_erase_rect( sometimes
> ), and then we have a problem here because qt_erase_*
> call InvalidateRect(from WinAPI) which generate a
> WM_PAINT event which generates a paintEvent in QT, and
> then we have an infinite loop here, i was changed this
> and the the Menu appear but with a little offset ... I
> will continue working on this issue because there are
> paint problems with the menu bar.

Oh, ok. You don't know a clean way to fix it?
Maybe paintingActive() on the paintdevice?
Not sure though if that would really be working though...

btw, what do you have to do to make that happen?
I tried to remove the call to InvalidateRect, and things
seemed to be basically the same (exept for some things not
being redrawn of course).

> Another thing i want to ask: if i want to make a patch
> what i need to do, need to do a make clean???

No, no need to do a make clean, just diff the source to
cvs (cvs diff -u <filename> or cvs diff -u for all files)

> PD:  I could submit a screenshot if someone want, but
> i need to know where to send it ...

You could send it to me, and I'll put it up here.

Richard Lärkäng

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