Qt3 win32

Ralf Habacker Ralf.Habacker at freenet.de
Sun Jul 13 22:47:34 CEST 2003


> The problem with linking seems to be either a cygwin or ld problem. Currently
> I'm debugging ld, what's going wrong.
> The curious think is, that the qt3 dll could be build without any
> problems, only some object files are different.

I've catched it. The original qt win32 behavior is to export all symbols with
"dllexport", which exports any global symbol to any object file, which produces
huge object files.

I've fixed this in src/tools/qglobal.h. See the relating cvs message.

Richard, I've found some additional issue.

1. The files named with ..._win32.cpp should really be renamed to _win.cpp,
because otherwise it will be much more difficult to follow further qt releases.
(The initial _win32 naming was non qt standard and was introduced by Holger,
because he like to distinct 16 from 32 bit, which does not make any sense.)

2. Step 2 of the porting plan says, that the resulting port should be cygwin
based and I think this make sense because the development environment (qmake) is
cygwin based. Additional we need the cygwin based io stuff for KDE. So as a
result some *.pri should use, although qmake is in the win32 mode, the unix

I have figured out some of this which are at least:


I can do this fixes for you or you can do this for your own, but I like to know
who is responsible for this.



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