Qt3 win32

Richard Lärkäng nouseforaname at home.se
Mon Jul 14 04:21:26 CEST 2003


> Hi
> > The problem with linking seems to be either a cygwin or ld problem.
> > Currently I'm debugging ld, what's going wrong. The curious 
> think is,
> > that the qt3 dll could be build without any problems, only
> some object
> > files are different.
> I've catched it. The original qt win32 behavior is to export
> all symbols with "dllexport", which exports any global symbol 
> to any object file, which produces huge object files.
> I've fixed this in src/tools/qglobal.h. See the relating cvs message.

For some reason I don't think I received a commit message for that one, but
anyway I tried it and it worked! Thanks a lot!

> Richard, I've found some additional issue.
> 1. The files named with ..._win32.cpp should really be
> renamed to _win.cpp, because otherwise it will be much more 
> difficult to follow further qt releases. (The initial _win32 
> naming was non qt standard and was introduced by Holger, 
> because he like to distinct 16 from 32 bit, which does not 
> make any sense.)

No problem.

> 2. Step 2 of the porting plan says, that the resulting port
> should be cygwin based and I think this make sense because 
> the development environment (qmake) is cygwin based. 
> Additional we need the cygwin based io stuff for KDE. So as a 
> result some *.pri should use, although qmake is in the win32 
> mode, the unix version.
> I have figured out some of this which are at least:
> src/network/qt_network.pri
> src/tools/qt_tools.pri
> src/moc/moc.pro
> I can do this fixes for you or you can do this for your own,
> but I like to know who is responsible for this.

I have it done here locally now, but I have some problems with sf's cvs atm,
so I can't commit it right now. I'll do it as soon as I get it working
again. When that's done I would appreciate if you could at least look a bit
in the src/tools directory, as I'm not really familiar with that part of QT.

> Cheers
> Ralf

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