Qt3 win32

Ralf Habacker Ralf.Habacker at freenet.de
Sun Jul 13 16:06:33 CEST 2003

> Ok, that could work, if we won't get it to work. I actually
> got the one in QT_WIN32_3_BRANCH to build, by adding #undefs
> to some files (a few more than just option.cpp and project.cpp), but
> then I didn't get libqt to link, it just stood there for hours, just
> chewing memory... Then I tried with the old one I hade used before
> (from 'regular cyg-qt3' I think) and got the same problem again, so
> maybe it wasn't qmakes fault after all... Fortunately I got it to
> build link again after a few make distclean's (and several hours), but
> I didn't feel like testing the QT_WIN32_3_BRANCH again right now. I'll
> try to see if I can get it to work in a few days again (unless Ralf
> really wants to do it :-))

I've applyed some additional patches to the QT_WIN32_3_BRANCH. The build system
in general should work.
The problem with linking seems to be either a cygwin or ld problem. Currently
I'm debugging ld, what's going wrong.
The curious think is, that the qt3 dll could be build without any problems, only
some object files are different.


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