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RichardL㱫㭧 richard at goteborg.utfors.se
Sat Jul 12 18:27:38 CEST 2003

(sorry if this is a dup, but I sent 3 mails to the list yesterday, and
they didn't seem to show up)

> On Thursday 10 July 2003 09:14, ralf.habacker at freenet.de wrote:
> > >But how did you manage to build qmake?
> > >When I try it there's a lot of error messages,
> > >which I believe is because Q_OS_WIN32 is defined.
> > >Do I want that to be defined when I build qmake?
> >
> > Add a
> > #undef Q_OS_WIN32
> > at the beginning of option.cpp and project.cpp .
> Or use the qmake dir from the 'regular' KDE-Cygwin Qt3. It worked
> me. (But I had to adjust the link in the 'bin' dir. Because 
> qmake.exe.exe -> ../qmake/qmake.exe.exe was not correct.)

Ok, that could work, if we won't get it to work. I actually
got the one in QT_WIN32_3_BRANCH to build, by adding #undefs
to some files (a few more than just option.cpp and project.cpp), but
then I didn't get libqt to link, it just stood there for hours, just
chewing memory... Then I tried with the old one I hade used before
(from 'regular cyg-qt3' I think) and got the same problem again, so
maybe it wasn't qmakes fault after all... Fortunately I got it to
build link again after a few make distclean's (and several hours), but
I didn't feel like testing the QT_WIN32_3_BRANCH again right now. I'll
try to see if I can get it to work in a few days again (unless Ralf
really wants to do it :-))

> BTW: I'm impressed with the Qt3-win32 port. It has its quirks, but
> is starting to look very nice. Good job!

Thanks! Always nice to hear ;-)


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> // Andy Goossens


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