KDE-cygwin news from the linuxtag

RichardL㱫㭧 richard at goteborg.utfors.se
Sat Jul 12 18:28:40 CEST 2003

Hi again

> Holger and I have talked about this on the linuxtag yesterday and
> to the same conclusion. We haven't got a statement from Richard yet,
> so we will wait,
> what he plans are.
> If he agrees with this too, we will let the qt2 port as it is 
> in the moment and
> concentrate on the qt3 port (and will update the roadmap).
> If someone really needs a qt2 port, he can backport the qt3 sources.
> The main reasons starting with qt2 was the lower complexitivity as 
> qt3, which allows shorte linking time and the possibility to study
> internal behavior of
> the noncommercial qt2.3 release.
> Ralf

I guess I didn't explain why I started the port, when I announced

But basically it is because I am more interested in apps using qt-3
(kde anyone? ;)) and as you say, qt2 is a few years old.

Also I think that qt-3 is easier to work with (i.e. qapplication got
smaller thanks to the qeventlopp class, font/encoding things got
cleaned up etc)

I also felt that linking actually was faster (I might be completely
wrong here, just a gut feeling), and I thought that it would be harder
to port, the more I had changed in qt-2 (have no idea if this is the
case really)

You can't really say that the first step on the roadmap was completed,
the painterstuff worked good (thanks to holger), and some of the
widgets worked ok, but some widgets were completely broken.

The state of qt-3 isn't as good as qt-2 (even though some things are
actually better). For example menus are totally broken, scrollbars
doesn't work at all, listviews don't show the text, etc.


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