Qt 3.1.0

Martin Fuchs kde-cygwin@mail.kde.org
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 22:48:58 +0100

> > > qt 3.0.4 is alread ported to cygwin and the easiest way I can see s=
> > > to be like the following:
> > >
> > > 1. check out the recent qt-3 source from the kde-cygwin cvs area.
> > > 2. Create a diff file between the original 3.1.0 and 3.0.4 sources =
> > > apply this diff on top of the checked out sources. (Note: The origi=
> > > 3.0.4 sources are already in the kde-cygwin cvs area)
> >
> > I get a really big diff file of 35 MB.
> That means, qt 3.1 contains many changes

Yes. For example many comment changes and license headers.
But that's not all.

Trolltech seems to have almost ported it themselve to cygwin.
(At least some changes in the diff from my frist mail are missing to make=

> Do you have configured with config.cygwin ? Please use it
> cd <some_path>/qt-3
> export QTDIR=3D$PWD
> ./config.cygwin
> make

I did'nt. But my main problem was, I should have used 'make -f Makefiel.c=
This generates the missing symbolic links to the header files.
Now it compiles. But it doesn't link. I get the same error like with qt 3=
ld cannot find library libdl.so. (-> option '-ldl')
However there is no such library in my installation. Do you have such a t=
Seems, there is a problem in my compiler installation, though it's the=20
original cygwin installation?

If I remove the -ldl option, it links the qt-dll.
But not more: uic linked with this library only generates a core dump.

BTW: You don't use configure option -thread?!
I thought, kde would need it.

Martin Fuchs