Qt 3.1.0

Ralf Habacker kde-cygwin@mail.kde.org
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 23:20:26 +0100

> Trolltech seems to have almost ported it themselve to cygwin.
> (At least some changes in the diff from my frist mail are missing to make it
> complete.)
Then there should be a platform file mkspecs/cygwin-g++ or so

> > Do you have configured with config.cygwin ? Please use it
> >
> > cd <some_path>/qt-3
> > export QTDIR=$PWD
> > ./config.cygwin
> > make
> I did'nt.

At least If you like to compile the cygwin port you need to choose the cygwin

> But my main problem was, I should have used 'make -f Makefiel.cvs'.
> This generates the missing symbolic links to the header files.

> Now it compiles. But it doesn't link. I get the same error like with qt 3.1.0:
> ld cannot find library libdl.so. (-> option '-ldl')
> However there is no such library in my installation. Do you have such a thing?

The sources does not contain the patches we have made for the cygwin port to fix
such issues.

> Seems, there is a problem in my compiler installation, though it's the
> original cygwin installation?
> If I remove the -ldl option, it links the qt-dll.
> But not more: uic linked with this library only generates a core dump.
> BTW: You don't use configure option -thread?!
> I thought, kde would need it.
Currently I have compiled a running qt-3.0.4 binary with activated threading.