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Ralf Habacker
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 08:11:05 +0100

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> > > I think it would be useful to create a tool which automatically rebases
> the
> > > kde-cygwin DLLs when you do make install. It could also be run as a
> > > post-install command when installing from a binary archive. I'll code
> this
> > > up if it's a good idea.
> > > What do people think?
> >
> > Currently I'm thinking why different rebasing is nessesary. The pack_kde
> scripts contains the rebasing step in the
> > patch command, so perhaps we can use this first. I'm using this step while
> creating kde binary packages, but it
> > seems that this rebasing does not work in all cases. The question, how
> many cases are that. I don't have heard this
> > very much. Could we not instead add an faq entry for that ?
> The problem is that the Cygwin setup.exe rebases the DLLs in /bin on-the-fly
> after they are installed. This means the bases can and do change. From time
> to time they may collide with a KDE DLL and then you get problems. That's
> why rebase must be run on the end user's machine rather than the package
> maintainer's machine.

Okay, thats another point. I remember reading about this topic in the cygwin list, but hadn't followed the thread
very deaply.
What about adding such a tool in the startkde script.
We can perhaps use the available rebase tool as a base, which is able to list the installed dll's base addresses
and than can decide, how to rebase the dll's. Because rebasing need some time this should be done only the first
time. This could be done by writing some state file or something else.

> > Additional cygwin setup supports post-install commands, so when kde is
> integrated in cygwin sometime in the future,
> > this could be used.
> Good luck trying to get kde integrated...
Why not, do you see any problems ? The only problem I see are the download times because of the sizes of the
When xfree is integrated, we can add qt (probably first qt 1.45 and kde 1.1.2) and later qt-2.3.0 and kde 2.2.1.
For kde 1.1.2 I have done this on the kde-cygwin download site with a special setup.exe, which works very well.
The cygwin guys like to see this added :-)