rebase tool

Chris January
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 22:00:03 -0000

> > I think it would be useful to create a tool which automatically rebases
> > kde-cygwin DLLs when you do make install. It could also be run as a
> > post-install command when installing from a binary archive. I'll code
> > up if it's a good idea.
> > What do people think?
> Currently I'm thinking why different rebasing is nessesary. The pack_kde
scripts contains the rebasing step in the
> patch command, so perhaps we can use this first. I'm using this step while
creating kde binary packages, but it
> seems that this rebasing does not work in all cases. The question, how
many cases are that. I don't have heard this
> very much. Could we not instead add an faq entry for that ?
The problem is that the Cygwin setup.exe rebases the DLLs in /bin on-the-fly
after they are installed. This means the bases can and do change. From time
to time they may collide with a KDE DLL and then you get problems. That's
why rebase must be run on the end user's machine rather than the package
maintainer's machine.
> Additional cygwin setup supports post-install commands, so when kde is
integrated in cygwin sometime in the future,
> this could be used.
Good luck trying to get kde integrated...