rebase tool

Ralf Habacker
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 21:56:50 +0100

> I think it would be useful to create a tool which automatically rebases the
> kde-cygwin DLLs when you do make install. It could also be run as a
> post-install command when installing from a binary archive. I'll code this
> up if it's a good idea.
> What do people think?

Currently I'm thinking why different rebasing is nessesary. The pack_kde scripts contains the rebasing step in the
patch command, so perhaps we can use this first. I'm using this step while creating kde binary packages, but it
seems that this rebasing does not work in all cases. The question, how many cases are that. I don't have heard this
very much. Could we not instead add an faq entry for that ?

Additional cygwin setup supports post-install commands, so when kde is integrated in cygwin sometime in the future,
this could be used.

Any other comments ?