Ralf Habacker
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 22:08:40 +0200

> I've just spent several hours tidying up the FAQ page. I don't know which
> editor you are using for the website, 
MS Frontpage 2000 with disabled code update 

> Ralf, but it seems to be chewing up
> HTML and spitting out crap, IMHO. There were lots of tags where they
> shouldn't be, etc. Part of that is also due to me getting the syntax of the
> <a> anchor tags wrong the first time around. 

I have seen this already, but haven got the reason. Sorry 

> Anyway, I've tidied stuff up,
> repaired the broken tags, etc. I've also rewritten a few answers to make
> them clearer - I hope you don't mind. You can pull the old ones from CVS if
> you want.
> I've simplified the left.php, header.php and footer.php files considerably
> and moved all the formatting into a global style sheet. The layout is still
> the same, but the HTML is a lot cleaner.
> If the editor you are using keeps mangling the files, it might be worth
> editing a temporary copy of the file and then cut and pasting only the parts
> you have changed into the original. I don't want to dictate how you work,
> but on the other hand I don't want to spend the time cleaning up the mess
> again.... :-)
Okay I will follow your advice, the last updates I've done already with an 
ordinary text editor. What about tools like docbool or sgml ?  

> Lastly, with regards to the question numbers, I've removed any gaps in the
> numbering and made the order more logical (as it was originally).
Thanks for your effort.