KCGroups in KDEreview

Jacky Alcine yo at jacky.wtf
Fri Nov 20 19:29:33 GMT 2020

This is exciting! Is it needed to explicitly put "cgroups" in the name? (What I'm really asking is if there's a way to have this work in a cross-platform way)

On Fri, Nov 20, 2020, at 05:55, Henri Chain wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> KCgroups has been moved to KDEReview !
> What is that, you ask ? It's a library that wraps the systemd dbus API to 
> expose a higher-level concept of desktop application and allow control of its 
> system resource usage (CPU, RAM, IO, etc).
> It relies on the recent ability of plasma to launch applications in their own 
> systemd scopes, with correspond to cgroups and provides a more robust 
> definition for an application (more details at https://lwn.net/Articles/834329/ 
> ) .
> The main use of the library is to expose related resource control settings for 
> those applications, at a user space level that other KDE applications and 
> frameworks can use, including consumption straight from QML as demonstrated in 
> the test application.
> KCgroups is intended to become a (Tier 1) framework. A first user of this 
> library might be the foreground window CPU booster daemon that is available 
> here: https://invent.kde.org/libraries/kcgroups/-/tree/work/foreground-booster
> Packages are already available for both Neon and Arch Linux.
> Looking forward to your feedback and ideas for using this,
> Henri

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