KCGroups in KDEreview

Henri Chain henri.chain at enioka.com
Fri Nov 20 13:55:16 GMT 2020

Hello everyone,

KCgroups has been moved to KDEReview !
What is that, you ask ? It's a library that wraps the systemd dbus API to 
expose a higher-level concept of desktop application and allow control of its 
system resource usage (CPU, RAM, IO, etc).

It relies on the recent ability of plasma to launch applications in their own 
systemd scopes, with correspond to cgroups and provides a more robust 
definition for an application (more details at https://lwn.net/Articles/834329/ 
) .

The main use of the library is to expose related resource control settings for 
those applications, at a user space level that other KDE applications and 
frameworks can use, including consumption straight from QML as demonstrated in 
the test application.

KCgroups is intended to become a (Tier 1) framework. A first user of this 
library might be the foreground window CPU booster daemon that is available 
here: https://invent.kde.org/libraries/kcgroups/-/tree/work/foreground-booster

Packages are already available for both Neon and Arch Linux.

Looking forward to your feedback and ideas for using this,

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