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Sun Nov 1 11:47:02 GMT 2020

On 01.11.20 12:29, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El dijous, 29 d’octubre de 2020, a les 0:34:30 CET, Tobias Fella va 
> escriure:
>> Hi all,
>> I've moved Alligator to KDEReview.
>> Alligator is an RSS feed reader I started developing because of the need
>> for a feed reader for plasma mobile (and to waste some time during
>> corona). Since it's built using kirigami, it's usable on both mobile and
>> desktop. I've also ported it to android, where it works quite nicely.
>> It still has some problems with correctly rendering some feeds because
>> of the limited html & css subset supported by the QML label, but I'm
>> working around those.
> Any reason you're not using WebEngineView ?

I'm not using Webengine because i want it to work on Android and using 
WebView I didn't get nice results due to other problems

>> If you find feeds that don't render nicely (for
>> example where images are not limited to the page width), feel free to
>> send them my way.
>> If you want to try it, you can get android and flatpak builds from the
>> binary factory.
>> For releases, i plan on getting it into release service in time for
>> 20.12. Before that, I'll probably release a beta version
> I'm not convinced you're in time for that, technically one could argue 
> that you can join up to November 12 that is when we have the Feature 
> Freeze, but for me it makes sense to only release things that are 
> ready on Nov 5, which is really soon.
> says 2 weeks 
> of kdereview.
> I don't want to be the bad cop, but i'd say you're 1 week late.

Yes I realized that after sending the email...  Next release after that 
it is, then

>> Since I'm still a beginner at programming with Qt/cpp/qml, I'd
>> appreciate comments or suggestions on my code
> You're missing KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain in your main.cpp
> You're not deleteing the Author you create on Entry::Entry, i'm 
> guessing a qDeleteAll(m_authors); in the destructor is what you want.
> Similarly you seem to also need a qDeleteAll(m_entries) in 
> EntriesModel destructor
> clazy reports a few missing const & in your args, not that it really 
> matters, but it'll be 0.000000000000001% faster which means saving 
> 0.0000000000000000001% battery if you're using it in a phone :D 
Will fix
> This animation feels super weird, is this something you can control or 
> Kirigami provided?

I wouldn't call that an animation, it's just the page closing and a new 
one opening I can probably make that nicer by changing the content of 
the current page instead of replacing it.

Thanks for your review,



> Thanks,
> Tobias

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