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Sat Oct 12 11:54:31 BST 2019


KPublicTransport has been moved to kdereview:

KPublicTransport is a library for accessing real-time public transport 
information (location, departure and journey queries) via a C++ or QML API, 
aggregating results from as well as a few vendor-specific backends.

KPublicTransport originated inside KDE Itinerary but was split out at the 
beginning of this year based on demand from KTrip. In order to get both apps 
released eventually we need a release of KPublicTransport, therefore the 
promotion out of playground now.

While KPublicTransport aims to become a framework, it's not mature enough for 
committing to API stability yet I think, so the more appropriate destination 
for now would probably be extragear/lib I guess. Becoming part of the release 
service once that is decoupled from the Applications product would be very 
much appreciated though.

At this point this is would be classified as a Tier 1 Functional framework, I 
expect this to change though once we need translated strings, which will 
become necessary for offering a way for the user to select which backends to 


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