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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Oct 13 16:24:50 BST 2019

El dissabte, 12 d’octubre de 2019, a les 12:54:31 CEST, Volker Krause va escriure:
> Hi,
> KPublicTransport has been moved to kdereview:
> KPublicTransport is a library for accessing real-time public transport 
> information (location, departure and journey queries) via a C++ or QML API, 
> aggregating results from as well as a few vendor-specific backends.
> KPublicTransport originated inside KDE Itinerary but was split out at the 
> beginning of this year based on demand from KTrip. In order to get both apps 
> released eventually we need a release of KPublicTransport, therefore the 
> promotion out of playground now.
> While KPublicTransport aims to become a framework, it's not mature enough for 
> committing to API stability yet I think, so the more appropriate destination 
> for now would probably be extragear/lib I guess. Becoming part of the release 
> service once that is decoupled from the Applications product would be very 
> much appreciated though.

Had a look, didn't find anything obviously wrong.

The only thing is that the public API returns const & to vectors, which we've historically not done since it ties you to having a vector internally forever, but i'm fine accepting that

Micro minor thing, clang tidy said

src/backends/abstractbackend.cpp:199:16: error: the const qualified variable 'headers' is copy-constructed from a const reference; consider making it a const reference [performance-unnecessary-copy-initialization,-warnings-as-errors]
    const auto headers = netReply->rawHeaderPairs();


> At this point this is would be classified as a Tier 1 Functional framework, I 
> expect this to change though once we need translated strings, which will 
> become necessary for offering a way for the user to select which backends to 
> use.
> Regards,
> Volker

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