Keysmith in kdereview

Johan Ouwerkerk jm.ouwerkerk at
Sat Dec 28 14:25:23 GMT 2019

First of all sorry for the duplicate reply Friedrich. I messed up with
the send button earlier.

Here goes the second try:

> Did some usual-nitpick-CMake-code cleanup commit already (things which also
> apply to other new Plasma repos, someone might want to brush over their
> CMakeLists.txt as well, using that commit as reference).

Thanks for that one!

> Other things noticed on superficial look:
> * UI not translated, i18n support setup missing completely

Yes, there is an issue for that on invent:

> * uses own "ENABLE_TESTING", not "BUILD_TESTING" flag from KDECompilerSettings
>   proposed:
>   + switch flag use to BUILD_TESTING
>   - remove option(ENABLE_TESTING "Enable tests" ON)
>   - remove enable_testing() (done by KDECompilerSettings)

I'm not entirely sure what the origins of this are but see also the CI
template for building flatpaks:
As you can see from the example usage the `-DENABLE_TESTING` flag is
suggested there.

Speaking as a developer I don't really care what it is called, but I
would like it to be on by default. Is that the case for

> * you might want to check if KF 5.37 has minimum version of Kirigami features
> used, otherwise needs bumping

Good point: I've created a MR for this:


 - Johan

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