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Fri Jan 26 11:54:33 GMT 2018

On Friday, 26 January 2018 08:27:55 CET Kevin Ottens wrote:
> Hello,
> On Thursday, 25 January 2018 22:35:37 CET Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > El dijous, 25 de gener de 2018, a les 9:01:10 CET, Kevin Ottens va 
> > > On Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:08:03 CET Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> > > > As I did with the last person that also was confused and annoyed by
> > > > all
> > > > this burocracy, just ask me any question you may have.
> > > 
> > > Oh come on... the bad mean bureaucracy argument now. Wanna look at the
> > > Eclipse incubation process? Or the Apache one?
> > 
> > Can I use the "if all your friends jump from a balcony will you do it"
> > defense?
> Not really since my point was more that what we have in place is very very
> far from bureaucracy not that we should replicate other's bureaucracy. If
> you want an example of bureaucracy look at those friends who jump from a
> balcony. ;-)
> > > Seriously it's just about having a person already within the community
> > > making sure the new project needs get catered to and also making sure
> > > the
> > > new project is on the right path to put in place rules and procedures
> > > compatible with the rest of the community (and the Manifesto).
> > 
> > But how do you find that person? You're just an 'outsider', how do you
> > find
> > a random person to be your incubator guy? Because as it happens, it's the
> > second time in a month or something that i have to volunteer.
> Ah! That is interesting feedback. You're correct that we're currently
> assuming that someone will step in to do that and that there's enough of us
> and that we're responsible enough to do that when we see something we're
> interested in.
> Personally for kdiff3, I'd have expected Kevin Funk to end up doing it,
> indeed he was first responder with "I'd love to see kdiff3 being adopted by
> KDE again". To me he sounded like a perfect sponsor.


Sorry that wasn't clear from my mail.

Several reasons I'd be rather not do it: I'm reaaally lacking time and focus 
to go through the whole process at this point; and adding to that I'm not 
familiar with the incubation process myself either...

I just expressed that I'd love to see it happen, in general. Somehow. :)

> I'd like to see that fixed. Right now, I'm not sure how, but if you're the
> only one indeed caring about new projects getting in, we have a more general
> community problem, it's just that the incubator makes it visible...
> > I think it's much easier if we had guidelines and the rest was just "ask
> > in
> > kde-devel mailing list if you have further questions",
> It'd be easier, but not better. Because then it's no different than "ask the
> GitHub support if you have further questions", and it's not what it's
> about.
> In my previous email I mentioned this is *also* for the "sponsor" to touch
> base with the joining project to verify it's getting into fruition to *be* a
> KDE project (which is not just about having a repository on our
> infrastructure)... I know, pesky people and culture thing.
> > and sure if you find a dedicated person for you, great, but requiring it
> > feels weird, and also makes it for less scalability, as an example I
> > already have an email from Michael that was sent only to me but anyone
> > else in this list would have been able to answer, but he had to wait at
> > least 14 hours for me to have time to answer it.
> Maybe that needs to be made clearer in the wiki? I'd expect the sponsor to
> push the involved persons to ask these type of questions on public mailing
> lists indeed. One on one discussions are likely to happen but they must be
> the minority of the communication going on. The sponsor in that case is the
> fail safe mechanism to make sure an answer indeed happens in those public
> forums or trying to solve the case if no answer happened for some reason.
> Regards.

Kevin Funk | kfunk at |
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