Aw: Re: KDE inclusion

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Jan 15 21:56:22 GMT 2018

El diumenge, 14 de gener de 2018, a les 12:10:07 CET, Valentin Rusu va 
> * Joachim Eibl <Joachim.Eibl at> [2018-01-12 01:21:02 +0100]:
> > <div>I had a try at it myself, but was quite overwhelmed about the big
> > changes in KF5.</div>
> > 
> > <div> </div>
> > 
> > <div>You have my blessing to use the name KDiff3.</div>
> Great news for a very useful tool! After having ported it to KDE4, I was
> also overwhelmed by the changes for KF5. Today I'm unfortunately forced
> to use the Qt version. Perhaps we should stick with that version and
> simply have it hosted and maintained as a KDE extragear project.

Or maybe we should do what the person that did the work thinks its a better 
idea :)


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