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Mon Jan 15 21:39:37 GMT 2018

Just a not in the at vs. kde. The ported to hf5/qt5 eliminated some of the
code differences between the two. I removed to if defs as obsolete. A third
I replaced with a platform check for Windows as there seems no other need
for it now. I don't have a preference on this.

On Jan 15, 2018 3:09 AM, "Valentin Rusu" <valir at> wrote:

* Joachim Eibl <Joachim.Eibl at> [2018-01-12 01:21:02 +0100]:

> <div>I had a try at it myself, but was quite overwhelmed about the big
changes in KF5.</div>
> <div> </div>
> <div>You have my blessing to use the name KDiff3.</div>

Great news for a very useful tool! After having ported it to KDE4, I was
also overwhelmed by the changes for KF5. Today I'm unfortunately forced
to use the Qt version. Perhaps we should stick with that version and
simply have it hosted and maintained as a KDE extragear project.

Valentin Rusu
IRC: valir
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