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Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at
Mon Nov 6 21:00:05 GMT 2017

+1000 to what Friedrich said :)


En lunes, 6 de noviembre de 2017 17:13:04 CET, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau at> escribió: 

Hi Martin,

Am Freitag, 3. November 2017, 21:30:19 CET schrieb Martin Koller:
> I'd like to announce an application I've implemented over the last few weeks
> - liquidshell

Congrats to the achievement. It surely feels good to run a workspace one has 
created one themselves :)

While myself I will choose Plasma over liquidshell due to my needs and 
expectations of certain features, I can see that liquidshell would satisfy 
those persons who need or want just a simple hard-coded shell following a 
well-known UI design & concept, yet stay with the usual tools and apps from 
the KDE software world, ideally perfectly integrated with the workspace (think 
filemanager, terminal, text editor, etc). People like obviously yourself :) So 
those persons might be surely happy about you sharing your work with them.

My hopes for liquidshell as another project under the KDE community umbrella:
* improvements for shared middleware, perhaps even introducing some more
  where it makes sense to share between Plasma, liquidshell & others
  (pushing for more clear UI-core separation, which in theory is for good)
  libtm might be one such thing, the weather data provider system also calls
  for being shared code with Plasma (and e.g. the Marble weather plugin)
* another testing ground for protocols & standards in development
* make more obvious that "KDE" is about a community, not a certain software
* give perhaps remaining trinity desktop developers and other
  Plasma-no-Qt-jay-fans a new center for their goals and as result also new
  contributors for the shared middleware, tools and apps (at least for their
  current QtWidgets UI variant ;) )

Re: gosh, yet another workspace
In a perfect world everybody would join work on the one true golden workspace 
solution, reality is that there is no such one-workspace-which-fits-all. Not 
to forget the mythical person-month issue.

And if people rather go and write their own software instead of joining 
existing projects, it should be the projects asking themselves why they have 
not been attractive enough in the first place.
Telling people instead "you should not do X, but Y" is rather the opposite of 
what Free Software is about. Even when first saying "Your are free, but".

I applaud you, Martin, for managing to solve your needs yourself and for 
sharing the results with the rest of the world, instead of keeping them for 
And as KDE community we can feel honored you trust us to be the best place for 
further development of your software, instead of going github or elsewhere.

Re: liquidshell as name
When I read liquidshell I first thought about something very dynamic, highly 
animated. So not sure "liquid" is the best term to use in the name. But then 
we all know naming is hard, good luck with it :)


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