liquidshell in kdereview

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Nov 6 16:37:15 GMT 2017

Some more branding oriented nitpicks:

Am Freitag, 3. November 2017, 21:30:19 CET schrieb Martin Koller:
> - uses existing KDE dialogs for most configurations, e.g. StartMenu, Virtual
> Desktops, Bluetooth, Network

Please consider saying rather "KDE Frameworks dialogs", due to "KDE dialogs" 
being a concept which no longer exists at age of KDE Frameworks and Plasma.

> light color theme:
> dark  color
> theme:

Please consider using a non-KDE logo on the start menu on representative/
advertising screenshots (ideally some new liquidshell logo one, also to help 
promoting it and building an identity).
Given the history meaning of the KDE logo as the logo of a desktop, using the 
KDE logo will spoil the concerted effort of the rebranding done (whether it 
was a good idea or not is too late to discuss) and only continue the 
confusion, for no good.

So with the Plasma workspaces having moved to the Plasma logo, leaving the KDE 
logo for the community, liquidshell should have and use its own dedicated logo 
as well. (and yes, the start-here-kde icons would need renaming finally)


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