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Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Mon Nov 6 00:57:32 GMT 2017

On Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 9:30 PM, Martin Koller <kollix at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to announce an application I've implemented over the last few weeks - liquidshell
> liquidshell is a replacement for plasmashell
> It does not use QtQuick but instead relies on QtWidgets,
> therefore no hardware graphics acceleration is needed.
> Main Features:
> - Wallpaper per virtual desktop
> - No animations, no CPU hogging, low Memory footprint
> - Instant startup
> - No use of activities (I never used nor needed them)
> - QtWidgets based, therefore follows widget style from systemsettings
> - Icons are used from your globally defined icon theme from systemsettings
> - Colors are used from your globally defined color theme from systemsettings
> - Can additionally be styled with css by passing the commandline option -stylesheet filename.css
>   (see included example stylesheet.css)
> - uses existing KDE dialogs for most configurations, e.g. StartMenu, Virtual Desktops, Bluetooth, Network
> - Just one bottom DesktopPanel, containing:
>   StartMenu (allowing drag of entries into konqueror/dolphin to configure QuickLaunch or AppMenu entries)
>   QuickLaunch (showing icons for .desktop files from a configurable folder)
>   AppMenu (showing .desktop files in a menu from a configurable folder, defaults to users desktop folder)
>   Pager (for switching virtual desktops)
>   WindowList (Popup showing all open windows on all desktops)
>   TaskBar (showing windows on the current desktop, allowing drag of an entry onto the Pager to move to a different desktop)
>   LockLogout
>   SysLoad widget including CPU, Memory, Swap and Network bars, live updated tooltip
>   SysTray with integrated Network-, Notifications-, Device Notifier-, Bluetooth-, Battery- display.
>       Display of StatusNotifier items from other applications (no legacy embedded icons yet).
>       Notifications kept in a history list for some minutes, including timestamp and text selectable per mouse
>       (very handy for copy/paste of TAC numbers from online banking received via SMS and transferred to KDE
>        via kdeconnect)
>   Clock widget (with calendar popup, tooltip for selected cities)
> - Desktop can contain applets (there's currently only a weather applet)
> The main motivation was to have a reliable desktop shell which does not hog the CPU or RAM.
> (CPU usage and stability were the things driving me mad with plasmashell)
> It should be slick and have just the features I need in my daily
> work. No need having all the bells and whistles anyone can think of.
> Just have a plain, solid, fast workhorse.
> I think the final place should be extragear.
> Today I put it into openSuse's OBS and 2 packages for tumbleweed and factory are already in place
> and ready to be installed.
> Screenshots:
> light color theme:
> dark  color theme:
> --
> Best regards/Schöne Grüße
> Martin
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Hi Martin,
I'm a bit confused, who is liquidshell for?


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