CI Requirements - Lessons Not Learnt?

Eike Hein hein at
Mon Jan 16 12:28:42 GMT 2017

New draft is up, all changes are to the last section:

* I changed the overall tone from law into strongly suggested
  guidelines, with the central idea that sysadmin will only
  promise to keep up its end for projects which keep up theirs,
  i.e. a reasonable quid-pro-quo hrotocol witj properly codified

* I rephrased the conclusion based on the c-should-be-a feed-
  back and to back the above.

* I added a special exceptions clause, but it feels a bit
  wishy-washy to me. At least it integrates into our greater
  policy framework, though.

* I mentioned the "Sysadmin" group on Phabricator.

Please have a look.


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