CI Requirements - Lessons Not Learnt?

Eike Hein hein at
Fri Jan 13 09:55:03 GMT 2017

> Sure, every time I need a new dep I'm going to do a bikeshed discussion like this one. That was the last time I'm going through this. I can do better things with my time. No, thank you. After the experience in this thread I can only advise everybody to never ever tell the larger KDE community that you are going to update the dep.

That's why we should work out a plan and a compromise for the future,
so we /don't/ need to go through it again, from either side.

New deps are going to continue to happen.

CI is going to continue to break.

Package procurement and scheduling is going to continue to be
difficult and frustrating.

This problem complex has no perfect solutions. What we can do and
should do is come up with a policy that sets realistic expectations,
so it's a known problem with associated known behavior guidelines,
that doesn't surprise anyone, that doesn't lead to a blame-game and
stops us from cannibalizing each other.

To that extend I'm going to put the policy I suggested in the thread
on a wiki page later, as a draft, and then I expect concrete notes
and suggestions for refining that draft, and I'll try my best to
moderate that process since I'm already a k-c-d list mod, and both
a Plasma dev and a (albeit largely inactive) sysadmin.


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